Destroyer Came Falling


I'm Kristofer,

20 Male, Canada.

Bands, Tattoos, Vintage

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Artist: UnknownNeverShoutNever!
Title: UnknownLiar Liar
Album: UnknownThe Summer EP
Plays: 6

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Andy Beirsack  - Black Veil Brides
~Shirtless band blog
❝ That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt ❞
- John green
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I can’t ;-;
Artist: UnknownNever Shout Never
Title: UnknownShe's Got Style
Album: Unknowndemo-shmemo
Plays: 1,147

Old movies and songs from the past just overwhelm me so much I cry a lot inside and can’t take it.

Brand New//Jesus
Artist: Unknown
Title: UnknownPop punk bands saying "friends"
Album: Unknown
Plays: 229,874

❝ It gets hard sometimes, being the only one who loves you. ❞



I wonder how people describe me when they’re talking about me to someone who’s never met me



i want you to write about me at 3 am because you can’t sleep

I have a “thing” for self destructive characters…


I love characters that are imperfect and don’t make excuses for it , who are deeply unhappy , and maybe even a little bit melodramatic. The Characters with anxiety or depression, who are bipolar or drug addicts. I love characters who make bad decisions and are impulsive . Characters that yell and ruin relationships by pushing people they love away . The ones that cut or burn themselves to deal with the pain that they cant quite put into words . I love characters that are self destructive because they remind me a bit of myself.

Artist: UnknownThe Amity Affliction
Title: UnknownR.I.P. Bon
Album: UnknownChasing Ghosts
Plays: 783